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Atago PAL-07S Digital Seawater and Specific Gravity Refractometer, Dual Scale, Marine, Aquarium


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Item Description: Atago PAL-07S Portable Digital Specific Gravity Refractometer for Seawater!





This Refractometer is for Professionals! 

Atago PAL-07S Portable Digital Salinity Refractometer - Specific Gravity. Yes we know this is a photo for the PAL-1, but the PAL-07S looks just like it! 


PAL-07S Specs:

* Scale Range: 1.000 to 1.070 Specific Gravity

* Resolution: 0.001* Accuracy: +/- 0.002%

 * Dimensions: 55mm x 31mm x 109mm

* Weight: 100 grams/4 ounces

Included are:A Vinyl case and Users Guide. 


The PAL-07S's Digital Display ELIMINATES the potential for Operator Error! The Atago PAL-07S Hand Held Digital Salinity Refractometer comes in a foam-lined vinyl case.

Calibrate with distilled water or reverse osmosis water for the best results. Put your samples on the unit and hit the "start" button. From there you will get rapid results that are accurate and free from operator error. Wipe off with a cotton towel, and you're done! You have highly accurate results in seconds! 

This is a very powerful and simple to use unit that has the unsurpassed quality of Atago! 

Higher ATC range than other Salinity Refractometers! ThePAL-07S isequipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” for accurate measurements without recalibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use). The "ATC" range is 10'C-40'C (50'F-104'F). This range allows you to sample in warm to hot ambient environments! Typical handheld units only have ATC between 10'C-30'C (50'F-86'F)! 

The unit runs off (2) AAA batteries on a LARGE PRINT digital LCD display.Waterproof to IP65! What's IP65 you say? International Protection Class 65 or IP65 is Dust-tight and Protected against water jets. No other Salinity Refrractometer can make that claim! It isn't designed to be dropped a tank, but isn't it nice to know that if it does accidentally fall in, it won't be immediately ruined.

The PAL-07S is equipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” for accurate measurements without recalibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use).  The "ATC" range is 10'C-60'C (50'F-140'F).  The prism cup makes it easy to test samples!  If you've used the other type you know how messy that could be!  This makes it SUPER EASY!


The unit runs off (2) AAA batteries on a LARGE PRINT digital LCD display.


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