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Refractometer, Eyeglasses Calibration Screwdriver, Flat Head, Brix Salinity Wort

National Industrial Supply

  • $ 239

Item Description: Refractometer Calibration Screwdriver - For Eyeglasses too!

 This is for the part only, NOT a full refractometer!


Product Specs:

* Flat Head Refractometer Calibration Screwdriver

* Color of screwdriver could vary - usually either black or blue

* 85mm long (from end to end - andle to screwdriver tip)

* 7mm diameter on handle


Works with ANY Refractometer that requires a flat head screwdriver for calibration.

For use on Brix, Salinity, Clinical, Refractive Index, Antifreeze, Honey, Syrup and other Refractometers!






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