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$89.99 TDS Coffee Tea & Espresso Refractometer Brix, Cold Press


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BOSS Coffee, Tea & Espresso (CT&E) Refractometer & TDS Meter


Are you using a brewing App?  This will work with ANY App that needs TDS!

Are you making ready to drink coffee (hot or cold), tea, espresso or coffee concentrate and not currently using a TDS meter?  Chances are you aren't quite sure how strong your coffee really is. 


You grind.  You weigh.  You pour your water.  You measure your water.  You then brew.  Even with consistency, your brew will be different from the batch before.  Track your finished product?  Well, dial in your coffee recipe and know exactly what you are producing with this handy device.  


Our Coffee, Tea and Espresso (CT&E) TDS Meter / Brix Refractometer gives you an accurate yet very affordable way for measuring your beverages total dissolved solid levels, and give you the confidence in knowing exactly what you are serving. 

What is a TDS Meter?

A TDS meter will give you a visual of how strong your coffee actually is.  TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a measurement used to tell you how much you have extracted from your coffee or tea. 

What Should My CT&E TDS Be?

To each is their own when it comes to making coffee.  But a good ready to drink cold brew in our opinion is typically around 1.6 TDS. As you start doing concentrates, this number will get higher. 

How do I use the Refractometer for my brew?

Measure your water and grounds before you brew.  Next, take a sample of your brew and strain it through a coffee filter and let the drops settle on the prism of your refractometer.  You don't need to buy $89 filters when you can use the same coffee filters you use everyday.  Let the sample cool off before continuing on - 30 seconds for a few drop sample.  Look through the eyepiece of the refractometer and you will see a line where the top blue field and the bottom white field meet.  Write down your findings and taste your creation!

Can I use this refractometer with Coffee Apps?

Yes!  Plug in your findings into any of the major coffee apps on the market to maximize your findings.  These apps are generally under $10 and a huge bargain for the average joe (pun totally intended!).



Scale #1 - % Brix 
Range: 0-32.0% Brix
Divisions: 0.2% Brix
Accuracy: +/-0.2% Brix

Scale #2 - TDS (Total Dynamic Solids)
Range: 0-25.0 TDS
Divisions: 0.2 TDS
Accuracy: +/-0.2 TDS

Comes with a foam lined case, users guide, wiping cloth, (10) 3ml transfer pipettes and calibration screwdriver

Calibration is with distilled water and instructions on how to calibrate it come with the unit.


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