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60% Brix Refractometer Calibration Fluid for Honey, Syrup, Jam, Made in USA

National Industrial Supply

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Item Description: A 1.8ml Vial of Brix Calibration Fluid, 60% Brix @ 20'C - NO UNPLEASANT AROMA!

This will keep your High Brix Refractometers as accurate as possible!

We can special order any Brix or Refractive Index (nD) level you need!  We sell more Refractometer Calibration Fluid at eBay than anyone!  That's because we are not a "me-too" shop!  If you need a 30% Brix/Sucrose solution, we've got that!  If you need a 1.35nD solution, we've got that!  Pricing can vary from fluid to fluid, but at least you know where you can buy it!

This product is unlike anything else sold on eBay!  Leave it to the your Refractometer experts to have this available!

Perfect for HIGH Brix Refractometers like our RHB-62ATC, RHB-82ATC and RHB90-ATC.  For units that have "0" Brix in the scale, just use water (Water = "0" Brix).  You can use this fluid for other brands of refractometers (Atago, etc...) as well. Heck, you can even test Digital Refractometers and Abbe Refractometers as well! 

This will work with any brand of Refractometer that has 60% brix on its scale!

This fluid is laboratory prepared and repackaged in a 4ml vial for the use of calibrating high Brix refractometers. 

The 60% Brix Calibraion Fluid comes is an Amber 4ml Vial and is about half full with 1.8ml of product!

How to use the product:

Simply place a drop or two of the fluid on the prism and close the daylight plate.  Check your results.  It should read 60% Brix @ 68'F (20'C), if not, adjust your unit to that point.  Done!  Your refractometer is then ready for accurate testing!



If you need the stinky fluid, contact us!  We have that as well!

International Clients:
3-8 Business Day shipping is $15.00 to the World and $12.00 to Canada.   Express Shipping is available, but begins at about $50.00!  Contact us for Express rates to your country!

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