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$9.99 Super Big Fat Pens For Arthritis, Jumbo Ballpoint (2) Pack


  • $ 999

Super Big Fat Pens for Arthritic Hands (2 PENS)

  • Big Fat Pen is Easy to Hold! Great for people with arthritis, hand pain, or restricted mobility.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip on Crystal Blue Body: 5" long x 1" in diameter, Weight 1 oz.
  • Accepts "Parker Style" refills. 
  • Detachable lanyard keeps pen close at hand.
  • Blue Ink

Wide barrel pens can make it easier for some people to write due to their contoured shape. Those suffering with conditions such as Arthritis, RSI, and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome can find it very difficult to grasp a traditional skinny pen, so these wide barrel options can help address the pain and discomfort associated with writing. With a Fat Ergonomic Pen there’s more surface area to grip which makes it easier to write.
Large barrel pens are also great for kids. The ergonomic fat pens come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and colors for your child to choose from. Letting each child choose a special pen, just for them, can help bring joy to doing homework or learning to write, which can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Each pen in our wide barrel selections are lightweight to help make writing easier, even for those with a weak grip. Some also offer rubber grips for added comfort.
Double your order and buy (4) Pens and the extra S&H is very cheap!


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