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AD-2 AdBlue DEF, AUS32 Urea Refractometer, Ad Blue

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 Item Description: AD-2 Portable 0-40% AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Urea Concentration Refractometer - 32 AUS (Aqueous Urea Solution)


BRAND NEW AD-2 (0% to 40%Urea Concentration Scale) Hand Held Refractometer in a foam-lined hardcase.


What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a solution made up of purified water and 32.5 percent automotive-grade urea that is used as a carrying agent for the ammonia needed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from vehicles into nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide (CO2). Diesel Exhaust Fluid is monitored for quality and certified by the American Petroleum Institute, ensuring that Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a stable, non-toxic, odorless and completely safe solution. The urea used for Diesel Exhaust Fluid is automotive-grade. Urea in additional forms is widely distributed for many other industrial and agricultural needs, including emissions control at public utilities and power plants.

Most heavy duty engine (Class 7-8 trucks) manufacturers, have chosen to utilize Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This Includes Detroit Diesel (DD13, DD15, and DD16 models), Cummins (ISX line), PACCAR, and Volvo/Mack.

EPA regulations require all diesel engines manufactured on or after January 1, 2010 to meet lowered NOx emissions standards.


What is Selective Catalytic Reduction?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is one of the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient vehicle emissions control technologies available to reduce diesel engine emissions. For passenger cars and light duty trucks, the ability to meet strict emissions and fuel efficiency guidelines affordably without compromising driving power and performance is attractive. In commercial trucking, the ability to reduce emissions to near-zero levels while also delivering a 3-5% fuel savings distinguishes SCR as one of the only emissions control technologies that is as good for business as it is for the environmentHow does Selective Catalytic Reduction work? SCR technology is designed to permit nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction reactions to take place in an oxidizing atmosphere. It is called "selective" because it reduces levels of NOx using ammonia as a reductant within a catalyst system. The reducing agent reacts with NOx to convert the pollutants into nitrogen, water and tiny amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) - natural elements common to the air we breathe everyday. The reductant source is usually automotive-grade urea, otherwise known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which can be rapidly hydrolyzed to produce the oxidizing ammonia in the exhaust stream. SCR technology alone can achieve NOx reductions in excess of 90%.


The AD-2 will help determine if it is time to change out your Diesel Exhaust Fluid! Old DEF is less efftective at treating NOx, therefore a maintained DEF fluid will help reduce NOx and any potential tickets you may get from a cop!  Did you know that research suggests that a truck running a DEF system can get better mileage!  True!  

Calibrate with Water (water = 0% Urea Concentration) and wipe clean with a cotton towel, and you're ready to go!

You have highly accurate results in seconds!


Included are: Hardcase Case, Calibration Screwdriver, Pipette and Users Guide.


The AD-2  is equipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” (ATC) for accurate measurements without recalibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use).

The "ATC" range is 10'C-30'C (50'F-86'F). 

AD-2 Specs:

* Scale Range: 0%-40% Urea Concentration

* Resolution: 0.2% 

* Accuracy: +/- 0.2%

* Dimensions: 27mm x 40mm x 160mm


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