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$28.99 Evans Waterless Engine Coolant Brix Refractometer Heavy Duty ATC 28-62%

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Item Description: 28-62% Brix with Automatic Temperature Compensation for Evans Cooling Waterless Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant (HDTC) 



Measurement scale range Brix 28.0 to 62.0%
Accuracy Brix + or - 0.2%
Resolution Brix 0.2%
Ambient temperature for unit operation 10 to 30 degrees C
Sample volume > 0.1ml
Measurement time Instantaneous
Body type Copper alloy with a nickel-chrome coating
Illumination Ambient light; unit requires no additional power source
Accessories Storage case, a pipette for dropping test fluids onto the prism, a mini screwdriver for scale calibration, and a Users Guide.
Warranty 3 years
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 150mm (H x W x D)


Included are: A Soft Storage Case, a pipette for dropping test fluids onto the prism, a mini screwdriver for scale calibration, and a Users Guide.



For use with Evans Cooling Waterless Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant, but it could be used for other applications.  IF you have a question, we are happy to answer them for you.  That's why we are different.  We KNOW about refractometers for all sorts of applications!  Test us out!

Calibrate the refractometer. Using new Evans HDTC, place a drop on the refractometer glass and check the reading. If it does not read 55.7, use the screwdriver provided to set it to 55.7. 

Testing the Coolant: After there has been thorough circulation of the coolant through all parts of the cooling system, including the radiator and the heater core, obtain a coolant sample for the refractometer from a “well-mixed” location. The reading should not exceed 54.4 Brix, which corresponds to 3.0 percent water.




Models with the “ATC” suffix are equipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” for accurate measurements without re-calibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use). This unit does have ATC and the range is 50-86'F/10-30'C.

Samples must cool off for a period of seconds (depending on fluid viscosity) before using the instrument.  Micro-climates can be created for a short while, causing some results to be inaccurate.  Waiting a few seconds to allow samples to cool (like a spoonful of hot soup) will yield steady results without compromise! 

Readings are temperature sensitive, so calibrate before each use: o Calibrate the refractometer by placing a drop of new Evans Waterless on the refractometer glass. Use the small screwdriver supplied with the instrument to turn the calibration screw until the boundary between the upper blue field and the lower white field meet at 57.0.

 Always clean the glass and the daylight plate with a clean, soft cloth after each use and before each reading. Do not place under running water or submerge instrument while cleaning. Store unit in its original case in a cool, dry, area.

 Place a small amount of coolant, obtained from a location in the cooling system where the coolant is well-mixed, on the glass and close the daylight plate.

 Ideal is 3% or 55.7 BRIX; acceptable is 5% or 54.8 BRIX; below 54.4 BRIX, call 888/990-2665 (M-F 9 to 4:30 EST) for technical assistance. Vehicle may be driven with water content 7% or higher - technical intervention is strongly suggested to bring water content into recommended range for optimal performance.

% Brix = % Water Content

57.0%                   0.0%

56.5%                   1.0%

56.1%                   2.0%

55.7%                   3.0%

55.2%                   4.0%

54.8%                   5.0%

54.3%                   6.0%

53.9%                   7.0%


High Quality!

This unit comes with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY against defects! It should last you for a decade or more! Nobody else at eBay backs their products like we do!   This unit is made of durable machined aluminum, not cheap plastic!


Calibration Fluid: $18.99 for a 2ml vial!

To maintain the accuracy of the unit over time, it is advised that you calibrate the unit against a known sample.  This ensures that the readings you get are consistently accurate!   Your unit is factory calibrated, but will need a tune-up from time to time.  We recommend playing it safe and calibrating it once every 20 samples tested or 2 per year.  You may find that over time, you need to do it more frequently or less frequently.

A 2ml vial of our Brix Calibration Fluid, 60.0% Brix @ 20'C is laboratory prepared and is an excellent standard to keep your unit accurate.  When you purchase the Brix Calibration Fluid with the refractometer, shipping is included.  



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