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Clinical Refractometer ATC 4 Hydration & Veterinarians, Blood Protein Urine

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Item Description: RHCN-200ATC Portable Clinical Refractometer - Urine Specific Gravity, Urine Refractive Index (nD) and Blood Serum Protein

Ideal for Veterinarian's or Wrestling Hydration!



This is a High Quality unit made of durable Aluminum and comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY against defects!  You don't get that from anyone else through eBay!  Buy smart, buy through NI Supply! 

NEW RHCN-200ATC tri-scale portable Clinical Refractometer in a blue, foam-lined hard case. The RHC series of portable refractometers is designed to measure Urine Specific Gravity, Blood Plasma Serum Protein and Refractive Index. One scale checks Blood Plasma Serum Protein with the range of 0-12 g/dl, another checks for Urine Specific Gravity with a range of 1.000 to 1.050 and the last scale gauges Refractive Index with a range of 1.330 to 1.360 (divisions of 0.2 ppt or 0.005 Specific Gravity) . Models with the “ATC” suffix are equipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” for accurate measurements without re-calibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use).

Urine Specific Gravity:
* Range 1.00-1.050 SG
* Minimum Division: 0.005 SG
* Accuracy: +/1 0.005 SG

Serum Protein:
* Range: 0-12 g/dl
* Minimum Division: 0.20 g/dl
* Accuracy: +/1 0.20 g/dl

Refractive Index:
* Range: 1.330-1.360 RI
* Minimum Division: 0.0005 RI
* Accuracy: 0.0005 RI


Included are: a pipette for dropping test fluids onto the prism (never dip the refractometer into the test fluid!), and a Users Guide. This item does not need a calibration screw driver as it has a built-in calibration knob. 

This model sells for as much as $100.00 at most retailers, not including shipping. Get yours today at Wholesale prices!



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