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Digital 0-55% Brix Refractometer


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Description: Digital 0-55% Brix Refractometer


The refractometer is an optical instrument used to determine the refractive index of the sugar content of watery solutions. It is quick and easy to use and gives an accurate method for analyzing the sugar content. This digital refractometer rules out any unreliable results and is easily carried for taking measurements outdoors.The instrument uses internationally accepted standard references for unit conversion and temperature compensation.


Range: 0.0-55.0%

Accuracy: Brix ± 0.2%/± 0.1°C

Resolution: 0.1% Brix

Refractive index(RI): 1.333-1.131

RI accuracy: ± 0.001

Automatic temperature compensation: Between 10 and 40°C (50 to 104°F)

Minimum sample size: 0.3ml (2 drops)

Measuring time: Approximately 2 sec

Battery type: 2 x 1.2V AA battery

Size: 120 x 57 x 31.5mm



1. To calibrate your refractometer: Fill the cell with distilled water and cover the sample prism with just a few drops. Press 'Zero' button. Once 0 appears on the screen, use a soft tissue or cloth absorb the water off the prism. After calibration, the refractometer is ready for measurements. We recommend calibration before each use.

2. To take measurements: Simply add sample and press 'Meas' key.

To get you started right away, here are some tips to follow for best results:

  • Use a soft tissue to care not to scratch the prism.
  • Minimize external light(If there’s a strong light source nearby, cover the prism with your hand).
  • Keep meter still during measurement.
  • Be sure to use sufficient sample size
  • Wait for the temperature of samples to stabilize if hot or cold(It takes approximately 20 seconds). 



Features & details

  • Compact, lightweight design for easy portability. IP65 rating for protection against water and dust
  • Large LCD digital display, allows for easy to read measurements, temperature, and battery life. It features one button calibration, 2 drop sample size and a 2 second response time.
  • Applications include high concentration samples such as jam, marmalade, jelly, syrup, honey and concentrated juice. Ideal for winemakers, brewers and measuring cutting oils, organic solvents etc.
  • Accuracy: Brix ± 0.2%, Temperature: 10-40 °C, Range: 0.0-55.0%
  • Each unit is inspected by qualified technician under a ridged quality control process to insure its accuracy and performance.

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