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$71 10 Gram Gem Gemstone Refractometer Refractive Index Fluid 1.81 nD

National Industrial Supply

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Item Description: 10 Gram Vial of 1.81 Refractive Index for Gem Refractometers


American Made and ARSENIC FREE!

Light in Color for the BEST Accuity (It's easy to read)!  




The most important aspect of the Refractometer is the quality of the fluid and its Refractive Index. This product has a Refractive Index value of 1.81RI and is THE best product for accurate GEM Identification.  

The 10 Gram Vial holds about 2.5ml of product

The Gem Refractometer Liquid has a refractive index of nD = 1.810, the highest of any liquid not containing arsenic. As the name implies, it is widely used with gem refractometers as a contact medium for the identification of gemstones. This light yellow liquid can also be used to reduce or eliminate glare from a gem's surface, facilitating inspection of the gem's interior for inclusions and other defects.

This liquid is supplied in an amber glass bottle. The cap has a glass applicator rod attached to it on the inside, designed to deliver a small droplet.

To ensure the liquids maximum shelf life, keep this liquid tightly sealed after opening, store it away from direct light and in moderate temperatures.


Refractive Index @ 25'C: nD = 1.81 +/- 0.005 @ 25°C

Appearance and color: Golden liquid/Burgundy when exposed to light or excessive heat
Boiling Point at 760 mm Hg:  181° C (358° F)
pH: Not applicable
Vapor Pressure: 760 mm Hg @ 23° C/73° F...1.5
Viscosity: Not applicable, but close to an ISO 5
Specific Gravity (water = 1) @ 23° C/73° F:  3.14
Water solubility: Slight
Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient in Kow: Specific value not known
Melting/Freezing Point: 20°C (68°f)
Evaporation Rate (mineral oil = 1, 760 mm Hg, 73° F/23° C): 1

This product is the non-poisonous version of the classic Gem Refractive Index Fluid; Diiodomethane (methylene iodide).  It is not carcinogenic according the the product MSDS.





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