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Getting Managers to Rent Paperback – July 1, 1997 by Robert K. Green (Author)

Getting Managers to Rent Paperback – July 1, 1997 by Robert K. Green (Author)


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Property managers and owners learn how to: develop the most competent, motivated, and productive renting force at any apartment building, eliminate 80% of the work most property managers now do, eliminate the blocks that prevent properties from becoming more profitable and managers from managing more properties, and eliminate the stress and frustration brought on by poor performing on-site staffs.

This book gives you the knowledge to have an unlimited supply of skilled and motivated residential managers that will fill all apartment vacancies with qualified tenants at the highest rental rates that the market will allow. You will follow the various members of the Malone Management Company staff, train, motivate, and evaluate on-site staff members in a way that produces excellent apartment renting performance. Let the young, lovely,and vibrant Savanna Class, Rick Malone's receptionist, show you how to use your least expensive resources to do the majority of the work required to maintain an abundance of qualified managers waiting for you to place where you need them. This frees you to accomplish more. Meet Vivian Kelley, an ace residential manager, and let her take you into the training sessions to reveal the secrets of teaching managers all the procedures they need to know to fill your vacancies. Watch Gene and Barbara as they go from manager applicants to fully trained on-site managers. Supervisors Tino and Terry explain how all this is coordinated and you learn what makes these supervisors work these properties as if they were their own.

"Getting Managers to Rent" has 230 pages with over 30 graphs depicting forms, charts, and even computer layouts for applying computers in various ways to help you to get your managers to rent. Even though a thorough search was made of all published information currently available, both in books and in periodicals, most of the information for this book has never been published before.

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