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Hanna Instruments FC202D pH electrode for Dairy Products HI99161 FREE S&H

Hanna Instruments

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Item Description: FC202D Foodcare pH Electrode for Dairy Products and Semi-Solid Foods



Low Temperature Glass Formulation

The glass tip uses a special LT glass formulation with a lower resistance of approximately 50 megaohms compared to general purpose (GP) with a resistance of about 100 megaohms. This is beneficial since many food products are stored at low temperatures. As the temperature of the glass decreases in the sample, the resistance of the LT glass will increase approaching that of GP glass at ambient temperatures. If using GP glass, the resistance would increase above the optimum resistance for the high impedance input of a pH meter.  The FC202D is suitable to use with samples that measure from 0 to 50°C.


Conical Glass Tip

The conical shaped tip design allows for penetration into solids, semi solids, and emulsions for the direct measurement of pH in food products including meat, cheese, yogurt, and milk.



Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a food grade plastic that is resistant to most chemicals and solvents, including sodium hypochlorite. It has high abrasion resistance, mechanical strength and resistance to ultraviolet and nuclear radiation. PVDF is also resistant to fungal growth.


Open Junction Reference

Suspended solids and proteins found in food products will clog a conventional ceramic reference junction. This clogging will impede the measurement circuit between the indicating electrode and the internal reference resulting in slower response time, erratic readings, and frequent electrode replacement. The open junction design consists of a solid gel interface (viscolene) between the sample and internal Ag/AgCl reference. This interface not only prevents silver from entering the sample, but also makes it impermeable to clogging, resulting in a fast response and stable readings.


DIN Connector

The FC202D uses a DIN connector that can only be used with the HI99161 portable pH/temperature meter.




One BRAND NEW FC202D is a PVDF body, single reference junction, amplified pH electrode with low temperature glass and built in temperature sensor. This electrode has a unique open junction design in which there a viscolene (hard gel) electrolyte layer that is free of silver chloride (AgCl) between the sample to be measured and the internal reference cell. The open junction design resists clogging and the probe’s conical tip makes it ideal for pH measurements in food products including dairy, dough, ground meats and other semi-solid food samples. The FC202D has DIN connector and can only be used with the HI99161 portable meter.

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