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Hanna Instruments HI1291D, 4 in 1 Replacement Electrode


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Item Description:Hanna Instruments HI1291D PEI Combination Preamplified pH Electrode with Internal Temperature Sensor and DIN Connector, 0.5m Cable

Product Features

  • Combination (full-cell) pH electrode for general laboratory applications
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) provided by internal thermometer sensor for accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures
  • Polyetherimide (PEI) resin body for use in moderately aggressive liquids, such as in wastewater, and for applications requiring stress resistance
  • Internal amplifier for a strong low impedance signal from the electrode to the metering system
  • Comes with 0.5m (1.6') cable and has Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) connector for tight cable connections

Product Description

The Hanna Instruments HI 1291D is a combination (full-cell) pH electrode with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), polyetherimide (PEI) resin body, internal amplifier, Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), and 0.5m (1.6') cable. A pH electrode is commonly attached to a pH meter to measure the pH of a substance such as water, food, beer, or wine in lab, industrial, and food applications. This electrode provides ATC with an internal thermometer sensor for accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures. The PEI body for use in moderately aggressive liquids, such as in wastewater, and for applications requiring stress resistance. An internal amplifier provides a strong low impedance signal from the electrode to the metering system. The electrode has a DIN connector for tight cable connections. The electrode comes with a 05.m (1.6') cable.

An electrode, also called a sensor or probe, is an instrument used with a meter to test and measure parameters of a substance. All electrodes are probes or sensors, but not all probes are electrodes or sensors. Probes, such as temperature probes, are used to penetrate a material for measurement. Common electrode types are pH, total dissolved solid (TDS), and ion selective electrode (ISE). Electrodes can be half-cell or full-cell (also called combination) types. They can be refillable or non-refillable. Housing material is typically glass or epoxy, and sensors are commonly made with stainless steel or a glass bulb. pH electrodes, which measure the pH of a substance, often have a glass bulb. The bulb senses hydrogen ions, and generates a millivoltage that is picked up by the filling solution and transferred to a wire that connects to the pH meter. Ion selective electrodes (ISEs) respond selectively to ions in the presence of other ions. Electrodes are commonly used by researchers, manufacturers, and hobbyists in a wide variety of industries, such as aquaculture, agriculture, chemistry, food and beverage, wine-making and water-testing, and for scientific applications. An electrode can be used with a datalogger to assist in temperature measurement.


pH range 2 to 16
Temperature range -5 to 80 degrees C (23 to 176 degrees F)
Body material PEI
Operating temperature 0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 122 degrees F)
Connector DIN
Cable 0.5m (1.6')


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