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Investing in Real Estate (Third Edition) Paperback

Investing in Real Estate (Third Edition) Paperback


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"This is the best of the how-to-invest-in-real-estate books currently available."–Robert Bruss, from his review of the Second Edition

The bestselling guide to residential real estate investment–updated and expanded for today’s market

Experienced and successful real estate investors Andrew McLean and Gary Eldred explain in an easy-to-read guide–packed with examples–how you can make money investing in houses and small apartment buildings. Even with today’s lower rates of inflation, residential real estate remains your surest and safest way to build wealth.

Now, to help you achieve a profitable and secure future, this new Third Edition of the ever-popular Investing in Real Estate explains why your real estate investments can outperform the stock market and demonstrates how to enhance cash flow, negotiate deals, spot market trends, and explore the Internet. It also covers the important tax law information you need to know. Experts McLean and Eldred show you how to:

  • Buy with little or no money coming out of your own pocket
  • Build wealth without paying taxes on capital gains
  • Select neighborhoods and properties that will beat the market with faster rates of appreciation
  • Create $2 to $10 of value for every $1 you invest in improvements
  • Select from more than a dozen techniques to finance your purchases

To plan for your child’s college education, a higher quality of life, or a prosperous retirement, read Investing in Real Estate. It’s still the most insightful and authoritative guide available.

Paul McGreevy (Author), Gary W. Eldred  (Author), Andrew James McLean  (Author)

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