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Microscope Immersion Oil A, 1.5180nD Refractive Index, Non-Drying for Microscopy


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Immersion Oil, Type A, 1/4 Ounce Bottle

OEM Factory Filled Product


The squeeze bottle applicator makes it easy to apply oil to the positioned slide.  Apply as many drops as needed to properly engulf your slide.

Avoid entraining air in the oil when applying it to the microscope (the oil's viscosity will make the bubbles suspend in the oil for some time before settling out). The bubbles, acting as lenses, destroy the image or reduce its clarity. The problem is usually avoided if the drop is touched to the slide or condenser and permitted to flow from the applicator. Dabbing increases the likelihood of bubbles.

The condenser should be oiled in a low position and, after positioning the slide, raised slowly to make contact. Oiling the objective is done by putting the drop on the slide and slowly lowering the objective into it, or with a parfocaled turret, slowly rotating the oil objective into the drop of oil. Once the optics are oiled and slides are changed, there may be enough oil on the objective to avoid re-oiling.

Drying types, such as cedarwood, sandalwood, or other natural oils, should be removed immediately after use. If these oils harden they are difficult to remove, and lenses can be damaged. The non-drying synthetics can be left on lenses indefinitely since damage through hardening cannot occur; however, being oily, they will capture and hold dust. A time-honored solvent is Xylol. A small amount on lens tissue for a final wipe leaves optics in good order.

Immersion Oil Specifications

Standard Oils

Type of Oil: Type A Type B Type 300

Catalog No.: 16482 16484 16252

Refractive Index @ 23° C:  
F Line (4861 Å) 1.5239 1.5236 1.5238
e Line (5461 Å) 1.5180 1.5180 1.5180
D Line (5893 Å) 1.5150 1.5150 1.5150
C Line (6563 Å) 1.5114 1.5115 1.5116

0.0125 0.0119 0.0123
Abbe VD:
41.3 43.2 41.8
Abbe Ve:
41.0 42.8 41.5

Temperature Coefficient: (15-35°C)
  -0.00033 -0.00031 -0.00033

Stability: (change in nD25°C
after 24 hrs. @ temp.)
0 0 0
0 0 0

Fluorescence (1):
Short Wave:
low low low
Long Wave:
low low low

Color: (Gardner) 1 1 1

cSt ± 10% @ 23°C:
150 1250 300
(centistokes)   low high medium

Density: @ 23° C
0.923 0.923 0.923
(US) lb/gal:
7.70 7.70 7.70

Cloud Point:   <-13°C <-13°C <-13°C

Flash Point: (Cleveland Open Cup) 325°F 325°F 325°F

Neutralization No.:
(mg KOH/g)
0.01 max 0.01 max 0.01 max


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