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Monobromonapthalene for Abbe & Honey Refractometer, Dioptric Oil

National Industrial Supply

  • $ 4999

Item Drescription: A 3.6ml Vial of Monobromonapthalene (AKA, Alphabromonapthalene)

This Fluid is THE contact fluid for Abbe Refractometers and some Honey Refractometers that require calibration with an acrylic block.

A drop on the prism of the Refractometer, and then place the acrylic block on top and you are on your way!

Each Vial is Repackaged from a bulk container and filled into 4ml Amber Vials that have plastic rods in the cap for easy applications of product.  The application rod actually takes up some of the internal space, hence the 3.6ml!

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