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Hungry Koi Extra Large Solar Koi Pond Automatic Feeder Carp, Fish


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Item Description: Hungry Koi EXTRA LARGE SOLAR POWERED Automatic Koi Pond Feeder


Ideal for MANY fish to be fed over a short period of time, or a few fish for a longer duration

EXTRA LARGE food hopper holds approximately 11 pounds of MEDIUM sized pellets
Outside Use 6v Rechargeable Battery via Solar
Indoor Use DC Supply Charger included
Feed up to 10 times per day
Adjustable feeding time (1 to 59 seconds)
Adjustable feeding radius
Manual Feeding Option
Large Panel Solar
Rugged Construction
12 Month Warranty


This unit is designed to automatically dispense pellet koi pond (or other pond fish) 1 to 10 times per day.  A fixed quantity at each feeding interval ensures regular feeding for healthy and long lived fish.  Ideal for pellet food at least 1/16" in diameter.  It holds up to 15 pounds of food (11 pounds of medium sized pellets).  As long as the Feeder is over the water, you are all set (it drops food directly below it)!

Set the clock and set-up your ideal feeding intervals and that's it!  No different than setting a timer for your lights or your alarm clock! 

The unit is made of durable plastic and hard for animals to open or tip over - squirrels, raccoons, possum, etc.  The feeder does not come with brackets to bolt it to a deck or bridge, but you can rig your own fastening system to keep it safe from wildlife.



Dimensions: Main Body - 21" Tall x 14" Wide x 14" Long

Weight: 40 pounds


Feeding Guidelines:

The number of fish, their size, the season and the water temperature of your pond determine the amount of feed needed to keep your fish healthy.  In general, the following guidelines can be used as a "Rule of Thumb":

  • Winter (water temp less than 50'F): No feeding
  • Late Fall/Early Spring: One feeding per day
  • Spring: Two feedings per day
  • Summer: Two to Four feedings per day
  • Only feed as much food your fish are able to finish within 5 minutes. 
  • Remove any uneaten food within an hour. 


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