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NISupply Laminated Beer Wort Brix Refractometer Homebrew Chart

National Industrial Supply

  • $ 499

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Item Description: 8.5" x 11" Laminated Beer Wort Specific Gravity Brix Refractometer Chart - Dual Chart - 0.990-1.130 Wort Specific Gravity and 0.00%-30.15% Brix


This is a Brewer's Conversion from Brix to Wort Specific Gravity of UNFERMENTED Beer!  Once your Beer ferments, a Refractometer is pretty much useless!  Then you will need a Hydrometer for your Final Gravity readings!

It's laminated so you won't thrash it in your brew cave!  It's shipped in a ridgid envelope to minimize bending.  If you order it with another item, this will still ship out by itself to minimize any bending or curling; no combining with other orders (unless you want it bent or rolled up...).  This way you've got a pristine chart in your hands!

This is a portion of what the chart looks like.  Remember, it's laminated so you will always have it handy and stain/mark free!



International Clients:

Shipping is $5.00 ($4.00 to Canada)  via US Postal's Global Air Mail and is advertised as taking 3-8 business days. Please be advised that there can be Customs delays from time to time.  These packages come with Delivery Confirmation Numbers only - No Insurance or Tracking Numbers.  Excellent value for the money!

Do you want Shipping with Insurance AND a Tracking Number to your International Destination?  Opt for Express Mail shipping which includes Tracking.


Larger Orders?

Please feel free to call, fax or e-mail!

Other types of Portable Refractometers are available at our eBay Store! 

 Brix units that cover the 0-32% Brix range to consider (at our eBay Store;

RHBN-32ATC:  Heavy Duty Version of the RHB-32ATC (this listing).  This unit features an easy to calibrate knob, and extra ounce of aluminum for heft and protection, and a reinforced forward daylight plate.

ZGRB-32ATC:  Heavy Duty with an internal light for a boost of light when conditions are darker (Dawn, Dusk, Night, Indoors...).  Perfect for Indian Summer harvesting!

RHW-25/Brix-40ATC:  Incorporates a 0-40% Brix scale AND a Potential Alcohol scale!  Potential Alcohol is not finished alcohol - NO REFRACTOMETER CAN READ FINISHED ALCOHOL!  Excellent for winemaking and beermaking!

Atago PAL-1:  0-53% Brix Range from Atago!  The absolute best!  This unit features an IP65 level of waterproofing so you can rinse off under running water!  Great for warm to hot samples!

All of these and more are available at which is our eBay Store!

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