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$199.99 NISupply Refractive Index Refractometer, nD POE AB Mineral Oil w/ Internal Light

National Industrial Supply

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Item Description: "REFRACTOMETER LEDnD" Portable


 This accurate and simple-to-use NI Supply refrigeration oil refractometer can determine the amount of oil remaining in a refrigeration system when converting it to a new refrigeration system. Model can identify lubricant residuals by measuring the refractive index. Device can be field calibrated prior to each test.

• An essential tool for retrofitting AC/R systems it simplifies the procedure and eliminates the guesswork
• Identifies lubricant residuals by measuring refractive index
• Can be calibrated in the field prior to each test
• Accurate and Efficient


Refractive Index Scale:
* Scale Range: 1.435-1.520 nD
* Divisions: 0.001 nD
* Accuracy: +/- 0.001nD%

Included are:  (1) 1.8ml Vial of 1.442nD Calibration Standard, a pipette for dropping test fluids onto the prism, (3) 1.5 Volt Button Cell Batteries and a Users Guide, durable plastic hard case.


Calibration can be done turning the Calibration Knob on the top of the unit using our 1.442 Refractive Index Calibration Fluid.  A 1.8ml vial of Calibration Fluid is $18.99 per vial (amber color with an applicator rod in the cap).  THIS UNIT COMES WITH THE FLUID!



This unit is unlike anything else sold on online! Ours comes with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY!

One BRAND NEW REFRACTOMETER LEDnD Hand held Refractometer in a blue, foam-lined hard case.  The REFRACTOMETER LEDnD uses ambient light, no battery or power source is required.  This unit is a precision optical instrument that allows for the rapid and accurate determination of the refractive index of liquid solutions. It will specifically assist in determining the percent residual of oil remaining in a refrigeration system when converting it to a new refrigeration oil. Such retrofits require converting the mineral oil to a polyol ester (POE) or polyalkylene glycol (PAG), an alkylbenzene (AB) lubricant (Zerol) to a POE, or a mineral oil to an alkylbenzene.


Calibration Fluid:

$18.99 for a 1.8ml vial of 1.442 Refractive Index Fluid.  THIS UNIT COMES WITH THE CALIBRATION FLUID...!



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