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pH & ORP Meter Storage Solution 120ml/4oz

National Industrial Supply

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Item Description: National Industrial Supply pH & ORP Meter Storage Solution, 120ml/4oz

Use this product to keep your ORP & pH Meters running at optimum levels!  


National Industrial Supply ORP and pH electrode storage solution in a 120ml/4oz bottle!
A re-sealable bottle containing 120ml/4oz of ORP storage solution. Always store your electrode in a solution to ensure the junction does not 'dry out'. This will improve the performance of the electrode as well as prolong the operational life.


Proper electrode storage maximizes electrode performance and extends electrode life. The electrodes should not be stored in distilled water. The filling solution will be diluted and the electrode response will be slow. If using a refillable pH electrode, the fill hole should be covered overnight and during storage. The fill hole cover must be removed during calibration and measurement to ensure a uniform flow of electrode filling solution. The best way to store the electrode is to read the included manual.

Maintenance and cleaning: The electrode should be inspected weekly for scratches, cracks, or salt crystalization. Follow instructions and do not clean excessively. .

Rinsing between measurements: Rinsing prevents contamination by carryover on the electrodes. Tip: The electrode should be rinsed with deionized water or an aliquot of the next buffer or sample. Caution: the pH electrode glass bulb should not be wiped.


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