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Refractometer Hardcase Brix, Antifreeze, Salinity, Honey, Maple, Clinical, Beer

National Industrial Supply

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Item Description: Gray Plastic Refractometer Case w/ Foam insert

Did you buy a cheap Refractometer and the case broke?  Did your sweet toddler throw it against the wall?  Did your employee drop it off the inspection table?  Did your farmhand put it on the roof of his truck?  Whatever the reason, a new case can protect your Refractometer!

Product Dimensions:
8" Wide
2" Tall
3" Deep
This is a gray hard plastic hard case with a foam liner and is made specifically for most Refractometers.
So if you have any of these models of Refractometers...
RHB-10ATC - Some models will not fit into this case - PLEASE CHECK OUR DIMENSIONS BEFORE BUYING!
Vee Gee BTX-1
Atago Master-T
BREWfractometer (tm)
MT-700 (RSG-100ATC)
RHS-10ATC - Some models will not fit into this case - PLEASE CHECK OUR DIMENSIONS BEFORE BUYING!
Or anything close to it...
This case SHOULD fit those units!
If you have a...
Brix Refractometer
Clinical Refractometer
Honey Refractometer
Maple Refractometer 
Milk Refractometer
Starch Refractometer
Melon Refractometer
Beer Refractometer
Salinity Refractometer
Then you are in luck!  This will work for you!




International Shipping:

Shipping is $10.00 ($8.00 to Canada)  via US Postal's Global Priority Mail/Air Mail and is advertised as taking 3-22 business days.  3-22 business days?  Yeah, some places are really slow at delivering mail.  Holidays and weekends can extend these delivery ranges - we've got our National Holidays and so do you.  Sometimes they happen at really bad times...  USPS does have an amazing service though, so don't freak out.  We're just trying to be very honest and upfront about the expected lead times so we minimize the "where's my stuff" e-mails later and heartache for you.

SHIPPING DISCALIMER:  We find that some packages take longer to arrive for no rhyme or reason.  Delays can be caused by improper addresses (left by you the buyer, so be sure it is accurate), Customs (they hold packages at random sometimes), Atmospheric issues (Volcanic Ash anyone?), Political Instability (Coup d'what?), Natural Disasters, etc.  We drop off the package for shipment and send you an e-mail with the Delivery Confirmation Number - THESE ARE NOT TRACKING NUMBERS. If you need a Tracking Number, we recommend using USPS Guaranteed Express Mail which is handled through FedEx to everywhere but residents of Canada and Mexico (UPS is the way to go for them).  Send us an e-mail if you need a quote for those shipping options.  It will cost anywhere from 3-5 times more for the USPS Guaranteed Express shipments depending on how far you are located from Los Angeles - the further the away, the more expensive (makes sense, right?).  Long story, short here folks is that if USPS can't make the delivery, you are out of luck.  By ordering this unit, WE are all in agreement that NO ONE is responsible if the shipment is lost.  Ordering this unit is agreeing to these statements.  If the shipping company can't find a lost package in your native country, how can we find it over there from Temecula, CA USA?  We have a vested interest in offering quality units, shipped promptly at a great price, not fleecing our clients.  We're not Buddhist, but that is really bad karma.  Lost packages occur mostly in Mexico, some Latin American countries, Eastern Europe, ITALY, ITALY and ITALY (things "fall off" of trucks all of the time there, about 50% of the time actually).  If you want your package shipped anywhere else, you can relax knowing that your order will arrive safely...

Despite the disclaimer above, the US Postal service is an excellent value for the money and generally very reliable!

Questions? Larger Orders? Please feel free to call, fax or e-mail!


Other types of Portable Refractometers are available at our eBay Store! 


 Brix units that cover the 0-32% Brix range to consider (at our eBay Store)...

RHBN-32ATC:  Heavy Duty Version of the RHB-32ATC (this listing)

ZGRB-32ATC:  Heavy Duty with an internal light for a boost of light when conditions are darker (Dawn, Dusk, Night, Indoors...).  Perfect for Indian Summer harvesting!

RHW-25/Brix-40ATC:  Incorporates a 0-40% Brix scale AND a Potential Alcohol scale!  Potential Alcohol is not finished alcohol - NO REFRACTOMETER CAN READ FINISHED ALCOHOL!  Excellent for winemaking and beermaking!

Atago PAL-1:  0-53% Brix Range from Atago!  The absolute best!  Easy to use Digital unit!

All of these and more are available at which is our eBay Store!


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