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Sper Scientific 300001 0-32% Brix Sugar Refractometer


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Description: Sper Scientific 300001 Brix Sugar Refractometer, refurbished

Sugar Refractometer 0 ~ 32% is he most popular sugar refractometer range due to its usefulness in a wide variety of quality control applications for the sugar content of fruit, fruit juices, wine, milk, soft drinks and yeast cultures solutions.

Place a drop or two of a sample on the prism and read the results.

Sper Scientific portable refractometers work in ambient light with no battery or other power source necessary. A refractometer measures the extent to which light is bent (refracted) through a liquid sample.

They are commonly used to help identify or confirm the identity of a sample, assess the purity of a sample, or determine the concentration of a solute in a solution. They can be used in labs, on production lines, in the field or anywhere.

With reasonable care, their reliability, precision, and optical performance will last forever.

All Sper Scientific refractometers come complete with:

• Rubber coated hand grip and construction, which insulate the test solution from inaccuracies caused by the user's body heat.

• Covered eye piece and bright, clearly defined scale, with large easy-to-read measurements.

• All the accessories for immediate use, including calibration tools and solutions, full instructions, transfer pipettes and protective cases.

Brix refractometers, which are also called sugar refractometers, are commonly used in the food and beverage, agriculture and wine industries. Fruit farmers will use a refractometer to check the sugar content of fruit on the vine to determine the best time for harvesting.

Similarly, grocers and other fruit purchasers will use brix values to determine how much they are willing to spend. It is the latter application for which this Sper Scientific handheld sugar – brix refractometer is an ideal measurement instrument for the food and beverage industry.

Benefits & Features:

• Light-weight and portable

• Easily calibrates with distilled water (water = 0.0% Brix)

• 0-32% is most common brix range

• Perfect for measuring sugar content in: Fruit & Fruit Juices, Wine, Milk, Soft Drinks


6½" × 1½" (165 × 38 mm) Weight: 3.0 oz. (86 g).


1 Year


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