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0-32% ATC Brix, Oechsle, KMW Refractometer Wine Beer - Hard Case Wort Wine Beer

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Item Description: RHB-32SATC Portable Brix, Oechsle & KMW (Babo) Refractometer - TRIPLE SCALE - Hard Case for better protection!


Product Specs:

* TRIPLE SCALES: 0-32% Brix (% Sacch) Scale, 0-140' Oechsle & 0-27 'Klosterneuberger Mostwaage (KMW/Babo)
* Accurate to: +/- 0.20% Brix, +/- 1'Oe, +/- 0.20 'KMW (Babo)
* Scale Divisions: 0.20% Brix, 1'Oe, 0.20 'KMW (Babo)
* Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) 10-30'C - 50-86'F
* Sturdy design, made of durable machined Aluminum, not plastic

Included are: a pipette for dropping test fluids onto the prism (never dip the refractometer into the test fluid!), a mini screwdriver for scale calibration, and a User's Guide.  Comes in a blue plastic, foam-lined hard case.

One BRAND NEW RHB-32SATC (0-32% Brix scale, 1-140'Oe and 0-27 KMW - Babo) Hand Held Refractometer in a blue, foam-lined hard case. 

In Germany it is measured in degrees Oechsle (°Oe) and is an important part of the German wine classification. In France and Canada the measurement is in Brix, and in the United States it is measured as specific gravity. In Austria the Klosterneuburger Mostwaage (KMW) scale is used. The scale is divided into Klosterneuburger Zuckergrade (°KMW). However, the KMW measures the exact sugar content of the must. The Baumé scale is occasionally used in France and by U.S. brewers.

In France and many other countries, the grape must density is often recalculated to show potential alcohol, the percent alcohol content that would be the result if the must was fermented to a completely dry wine.

International Clients:

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