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$199.99 Atago PAL-1 Digital 0-53% Brix Refractometer 32 Refurbished - FREE S&H!


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Item Description: Atago PAL-1 Portable Digital 0-53% Brix Refractometer - REFURBISHED (the case has some discoloration)

Atago PAL-1 (0% to 53%Brix Scale) Hand held Digital Refractometer in a blue, foam-lined white vinyl case. This unit is especially handy for testing items like fruits, vegetables, grasses, plants, trees, etc, for there sugar content, as well as Raw Maple Sap, Soda Fountains, Barbeque Sauces, Ketchups, Metalworking Coolant (Soluble Oil, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic), Lobster Blood and more.

Calibrate with Water (water = 0% Brix) and wipe clean with a cotton towel, and you're ready to go! You have highly accurate results in seconds! This is a very powerful and simple to use unit that has the unsurpassed quality of Atago!

Included are:Case and Users Guide.

This is the Refractometer of Professionals! If you work in the produce industry, then you need this unit for your quick tests in the field or in the plant!

The Atago PAL-1 is equipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” for accurate measurements without recalibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use). The "ATC" range is 10'C-60'C (50'F-140'F). This range allows you to sample HOT Samples!

The unit runs off (2) AAA batteries on a LARGE PRINT digital LCD display.

* Scale Range: 0%-53% Brix
* Resolution: 0.1% Brix
* Accuracy: +/- 0.2%
* Dimensions: 55mm x 31mm x 109mm
* Weight: 100 grams/4 ounces

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