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58-92% Brix Honey Refractometer 4 Beekeeping Bees Soft Case - High Sugar

National Industrial Supply

  • $ 4599

Item Description: RHB-92ATC Portable Honey Refractometer, Soft Case - a WIDER Brix Scale (58-92% Brix)


RHB-92ATC Specs:

Brix Scale:
* Scale Range: 58.0%-92.0% Brix  <--- W I D E R Brix Scale!
* Divisions: 0.50% Brix
* Accuracy: +/- 0.50%

Honey Moisture Scale: For a more ACCURATE unit, check out our "10-30 Honey Refractometer" or the Misco BKPR-1 Digital Honey Refractometer
* Scale Range: 12%-27% Water
* Divisions: 1.00% Water
* Accuracy: +/- 1.00%

Baume Specific Gravity Scale:
* Be Scale Range: Be @ 20C 38% - 43%
* Divisions: 0.50%
* Accuracy: +/-0.50%

This unit is equipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” for accurate measurements without re-calibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use). The RHB-92ATC DOES have an ATC range of 10-30'C/50-86'F.

Included are:  A pipette for dropping test fluids onto the prism, a mini screwdriver for scale calibration, 60.0% Calibration Fluid and a Users Guide in a black soft case



The RHB-92ATC (58.0%-92.0% Brix scale) Hand held Refractometer in a blue, foam-lined hard case. This “Tri-scale“ unit is especially necessary when testing high sugar items like honey. All RHB models use ambient light, no battery or power source is required. 


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