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ATAGO Hand Refractometer N-1EBX 0-32% Brix Plastic


  • $ 9999

Item Description:  Atago N-1EBx (N-1E) 0-32% Brix Refractometer - Ideal for Fruits, Vegetables, Beer Wort, Grape Must, CNC Coolant and more!
  • 0.0-32.0% Brix Scale, with 0.2% Resolution and +/-0.2% Brix Accuracy
  • This unit is a Quality Heavy Duty, Plastic Refractometer that is perfect for corrosive environments where metal units would be attacked by sugars.
May be branded as Re-Frax or Castrol, but it is the same Atago N-1EBX (N-1E).


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